• 2024.01:
Congratulations! Our paper "DirectFaaS: A Clean-Slate Network Architecture for Efficient Serverless Chain Communications" was accepted by WWW 2024.
  • 2023.11:
I won the honor of 电子工业出版社2023年度优秀作者.
  • 2023.08:
Congratulations to Wei Wei, Qingyi Chen, and Duo Xu for winning the 第十六届全国大学生信息安全竞赛 国家二等奖.
  • 2023.07:
Congratulations! Our team won the 教育部第三届网络空间安全产学协同育人优秀案例 三等奖.
  • 2023.03:
I was invited to give a talk at 浙江省通信学会算力调度试验设计与验证研讨会暨首届IX.CN技术论坛.
  • 2022.10:
Congratulations! The paper "Securing Serverless Computing: Challenges, Solutions, and Opportunities" was accepted by IEEE NETWORK 2022.
  • 2022.07:
I joined the Cyber Security Lab of Hangzhou Institute of Technology, Xidian University as a Jingying Associate Professor (2022-07-12).
  • 2022.06:
I resigned from Huawei (2022-06-29).
  • 2022.04:
I was invited to give a talk at IstioCon 2022.
  • 2021.12:
I won the Yaoguang Medal at Huawei.
  • 2020.10:
Congratulations! My patent "一种软件定义网络下基于策略语言的云端网络资源管理控制系统 (201810159706.0)" was authorized.
  • 2020.09:
Congratulations! The patent "基于差分检测的控制平面故障诊断系统及其实现方法 (201910204272.6)" was authorized.
  • 2020.08:
I joined the Huawei Cloud as a Senior Research & Develepment Engineer (2020-08-17).
  • 2020.06:
Congratulations! I achieved the Ph.D. degree in Computer Science & Technology from Zhejiang University.
  • 2020.05:
Congratulations! The paper "State of the Art and Research Challenges in the Security Technologies of Network Function Virtualization" was published on IEEE Internet Computing 2020.
  • 2019.08:
Congratulations! My paper "AOMO: An AI-aided Optimizer for Microservices Orchestration" was accepted by ACM SIGCOMM 2019.
  • 2019.06:
Congratulations! My paper "A Lightweight Policy Enforcement System for Resource Protection and Management in the SDN-based Cloud" was accepted by Computer Networks (CN) 2019.
  • 2018.10:
I visited Northwestern University (NU, USA) supported by CSC.
  • 2018.08:
Congratulations! The paper "Fault Management in Software-Defined Networking: A Survey" was accepted by IEEE Communications Surveys & Tutorials 2019.
  • 2018.06:
Congratulations! My paper "SDNKeeper: Lightweight Resource Protection and Management System for SDN-based Cloud" was accepted by IEEE/ACM IWQoS 2018.
  • 2015.06:
I achieved the bachelor's degree in Computer Science & Technology from Harbin Engineering University.
Written on December 20, 2023